Sunday, February 13, 2011

Truth Day 16~Could Live Without

...freezing cold winter weather and snow. Yes, as lovely as a new snow looks, I aim to live eventually in Sonoma County, CA where winter is very seldom below 40 and never below 30! I have to admit I like snowy days more than drab grey rainy days, I just don't want to deal with the consequences of snow, such as: shoveling, digging out my car, scraping off my car, cancellations due to bad weather, all the extra layers of clothing, real possibility of taking a digger on the ice, etc. I'm sure many who even choose to live in the snow hate some of these things. Or do you live in the snow not by choice, but because it's where you're settled, where your job and family are? I guess I've always been one open to a move, but it's not easy. I've had to leave behind family in both CT and CA to live in PA. It was/is very hard for me to miss out on huge chunks of my family's lives in CT as well as to have Dylan see so little of them.Then there's the expense of visiting from one coast to the other--yikes! But would I do it all over again--yes. What surprises me lately is how much I am enjoying living in PA despite the winter weather; you've gotta take the winter to get the beauty of spring flowers and the fall spectrum of colors. Now in summer I can certainly live without the humidity as most of us can! (There's little of that in CA too.) The bottom line is that I can put up with any weather for love. Have I mentioned that I am working on how much I romanticize my love relationships? I'm growing up now and I like who I'm becoming as well as I accept who I've been. How about you?

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