Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Truth Day 13~My Famous Special Someone

Dear Stevie Nicks,

Your ethereal music, words and dress style have been inspiring and enchanting me since your early days with Fleetwood Mac. To say that I can't wait to see you again in April is an understatement! I look forward to the ecstasy I naturally feel when I start hearing all your beloved familiar songs. There's no one else like you, Stevie; I'm sure all your fans would agree. I must admit I'd rather hear you with Tom Petty, but Rod Stuart is no one to complain about. I wonder if you and Tom are still friendly and did you see him for his big 6-0? Congratulations on your new album; you should be pleased with yourself for putting out new creations at "our age"! I'm sure I will have more profound things to say after the concert so I promise to write you again. Wonder what you'll be wearing? I'll be that speck up in the high rows with the binoculars...


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