Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finishing Letting Go

To finish up on letting go...I'm just not ready to dredge up all the memories of who made my life hell! It wouldn't be healthy for me at this point. About someone I'd like to let go~there was Kristin; for about a year I obsessed on how much I wished I could get rid of her! I finally did, but it took some time because I needed her to give me rides to Philadelphia to the Depression Research Center. Kristin was my "case manager", but really she was more of a "case" than I was! Her specialties were talking on her cell phone, texting while driving,  grooving to her loud music, filling out endless paperwork documenting nothing and total apathy regarding how severe my depression illness was. Finally I decided taking the train into Philadelphia was better than riding with her. I managed to find a private psychiatrist that my insurance covered (small miracle) and no longer needed to go to the horrible mental health clinic that she worked for. 

As far as someone who I drifted apart from, I've got nothing that qualifies. My sister and I drifted some over the years, but there were reasons for it. I had a hard time forgiving her for not attending my son's wedding, I was jealous that Dad loved and approved of her and not me and I was envious that she graduated college and landed a decent career while I floundered around in depression. Happily this is all behind us now; we are closer than we have been since she used to visit me in California when Dylan was young. On my last visit to CT she took me shopping for my Christmas gift and to a hair salon; earlier we took the dogs to the beach for a rejuvenating November walk! Surprisingly the beach in Old Lyme has a decent view of Long Island, a light house and paths through woods leading to driftwood and shells galore!

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