Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Religion & Politics~Truth Day 19

     In past posts I've made my position clear on religion. I think (in particular) that traditional Christian religion is dangerous and harmful when it is so often used as a way of oppressing people and causing them to fear God (and not just in a reverent way) and to not accept/love themselves and their neighbors. This is the first Commandment after loving and serving God that we love and accept ourselves and each other. It's very clear to me that Jesus would have it no other way. I recently got email from a woman who is convinced that all pastors/priests are child molesters. Although extreme, as a gay person she is completely turned off to any kind of religion whether or not they are open/accepting of all people, she like so many gay folks can't trust even a hint of it all. Gee, I wonder why? It could have something to do with all the so-called Christians that use the Bible to tell gay people that they are a sick abomination, unloved and unaccepted by Jesus or anyone's idea of God or Holy Spirit.

      Moving right along to politics...It will be a surprise to no one that I'm a left of center Democrat. I consider myself to be more moderate than liberal, because I just don't want to be grouped with the ideas people have about liberals. I grew up in a Democratic family; my Grandfather served in the Ct State House of Representatives for 14 years. He served on the then "Mental Retardation, Welfare and Labor" Committees; he was appointed by then Governor Ribicoff (about 1960) to help in the placement of Hungarian refugees. In his own traditional way, my grandpa worked to attempt to right some of our society's wrongs. Undoubtedly I am so proud of his service to our country via politics and also through the Army in WWI. In later years he was Chairman of the Town Democratic Committee and Registrar of Voters. I never forgot all the years I hung out with him at the polls on voting days and those trips to the state capital building, which to a little girl appeared to be a palace! In my view Democrats are, with very few exceptions, more progressive thinkers than Republicans and care more about injustice and the poor. Lately every time I write one of these "truth" entries I think about how unpopular I most likely am. Good thing I'm not running for any office; I'm just me! ;-)

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