Thursday, February 10, 2011

Truth Day 14~My HERO

who let me down is Nelson Mandela. I still think you're fabulous Mr. Mandela, but your autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, is boring me to tears! I have not given up yet because I hold you in such high esteem; perhaps a different mood will allow me to get into it...

Jesus Christ (forever my superstar) MLK Jr., the Kennedy brothers (all assassinated--horrible!) and my grandfather, Joseph J. Zambo Sr., are high on my list. 

I used to be more in touch with my women heroes: Amelia Earhart, Maya Angelou, Rosie the Riveter, Hillary Clinton, (to  some extent) Stevie Nicks, (as you found out yesterday) Dr. Jeri Williams and Larry Williams, (Pastors at the incredible Drexel Hill Baptist Church) Mother Teresa, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Angela Davis, Harriet Tubman, Patricia Fletcher (best therapist on earth)....I'm sure I'm forgetting many, but it's a start.

I also have animal heroes: Teddy Bear (dog love of my life), Dustin (mellow boy white cat), Pumpkin (queen Tortie  kitty of Dylan's boyhood) Jessie (Collie I grew up with), Angel (my very first kitty~Calico), Guido, (Dylan & Sandra's dignified boy cat) , Elli (huge black dog I liked more than boyfriend, Phil) and Dancer (only Pit Bull I'll ever love). Dancer passed recently; she was very brave, sensitive and resilient---may all my fallen heroes both human and animal R.I.P.

You're all "the wind beneath my wings"! (Thanks Bette Midler)

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