Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Compliments

Something that I never get compliments on is ??? my trim figure! I've lost  somewhere around 50 pounds, but I'm sure not trim nor have I ever been! I wasn't even trying to loose weight last summer when this began, but I was so sick and having various side effects from medications (including extreme nausea) so my appetite was down to nothing for a few months. When I began to feel better I decided to keep loosing weight for the sake of my health. I've been eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains while watching my carbs and sugar especially. It seems like I've been almost allergic to any kind of exercise long term and would do anything to avoid it, but now I'm even walking about every other day. It's a start! I have to admit that it feels really good to wear smaller sizes. It's all good for my physical and mental health, but a boost to my self esteem as well. ;-) True confession: caffeine is my biggest vice, but I'm giving "Energy" Vitamin Water a shot as it's supposed to have natural caffeine. That sounds like a contradiction in terms so I'm still keeping my Diet Coke and Chai tea close by!

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