Saturday, February 12, 2011

Truth Day 15~Can't Live Without

This one is a no brainer for me; I can't live without Jesus and I have certainly tried. Truthfully I have seen one miracle right after another since I've begun to really focus on making sure serving Jesus is first in my life. Recently I was offered a job teaching infant/toddlers when I wasn't even looking. When I was singing in praise(I so rarely do this that the cat ran in to check me out!) at my desk the phone rang. I got the good news that I didn't have to continue with my appeal for the proper medication amount since the insurance company decided to approve it the day before the hearing! These are not small nor coincidental happenings in my life.
I grew up in a Catholic home, attended church regularly and prayed real hard  to be the best I could be, but that was never quite good enough. In high school when Jesus Christ Superstar came out I was mesmerized; I had quit going to church regularly, but that musical sure got my undivided attention. For years I didn't identify as anything but Spiritual. I took Recovery seriously (mostly Al-Anon); I never stopped believing in God, praying and working on myself.

I first accepted Jesus as my personal Savior on Easter seven years ago. I had a very hard time getting into the Bible and I was baffled as to what my problem was. I had positive experiences when I went to church, in terms of feeling His spirit, but when alone and depressed I couldn't feel Him and therefore I couldn't hold on to believing. Yet I did still keep trying once my mood shifted out of the pit. So briefly what happened is that I never was able to understand the Bible until I started to attend an open and accepting Christian church. I didn't identify as gay or straight; I was always uniquely just me, but it became very important that I give my support to all people as Jesus did when he was on this earth. Ever since I found Drexel Hill Baptist Church my life has been transformed. Believe me it's like no other Baptist church traditionally experienced in many ways, but loving and living as Jesus lived is front and center.

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