Monday, March 28, 2011

Let Go Let God

     Once again I was at the end of my rope; I let go and God held me up. I was so discouraged because I had planned on getting into this Certified Peer Specialist training program, but I was turned down because I don't have a year's worth of consecutive employment history recently. That was a blow, because I was so sure I'd be accepted into the training and that the challenge would be getting a job after completing the training. God had other plans for me (knowing how much I need to learn patience); I am the kind of person who wants everything yesterday! So I had to put the brakes on my peer counseling plans until next year.
     In the meantime, I figured out a solution for a problem that has been weighing heavily on me at my job with children at the church nursery. I know I didn't figure this out be myself! Then the last thing I felt like doing was starting a class today all about job and career choices. I don't feel well (have been trying to kick some sort of virus), but I dragged myself to school anyhow. Was I ever rewarded by hearing one encouraging testimony after another about how much this particular class helped people change their lives for the better! More to follow about the class; right now I just need to go space out...:-)

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