Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chocies , Ideas and Spring Even!

     I'm not Irish, but green is my second favorite color so I got into wearing my green today to my new class orientation. I'm taking a career choices class in order to explore what direction I most want to move in. At the moment I work part time as an infant/toddler teacher and I'm seriously working on my book, but I know there's more ahead for what God has planned for me. In late May I hope to do a training to become a Certified Peer Specialist; after that I'll explore what job choices there are in that field. It's been many years since I have felt well enough to commit to full time work; it's very exciting and just short of miraculous that my time is finally here. I may even get my college degree(s) finally; they say it's never too late. I do need some guidance organizing what to do first so I eagerly await the beginning of class on March 28. While I'm already on campus I may do some sort of computer class as well; there's always so much to learn in that field even if just for my own personal use. Besides all these great ideas buzzing around in my head something even better happened today; there blooming in a corner of the campus court were a small group of white, yellow and purple crocuses. That scene made me estatic because the sun was out full fledged, it was 60-something (warmish for March here) and Spring has become a reality, not just a prayer!

     I was also relieved today to have my birthday be over. I had a good day yesterday, but it's always a challenge for me to be long distance from family on that special day. Yesterday I was really missing family and California seemed even farther away than usual! I'm grateful to feel the beginnings of a church family, but like most of us, I want it all! Why can't I have everybody I love in one state at one time where there is also the best job, climate and economy available?! Seems this world is just not meant to be so easy.


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