Sunday, January 30, 2011

Special Someone

The question for today is about who has made my life worth living for. I would have to say, Jesus Christ, when he was on earth in the flesh as according to the Gospels. Yes, I do believe He was a real person as well as the spiritual one dwelling within every believer. I  think the truth list is referring to a regular human though so that's a tougher question!

If I am to choose only one then it's my son. From the moment Dylan was born on through today, he has given my life much purpose and meaning. I am well suited to parenthood. I have an internal "baby magnet"; I've never been able to walk by one without stopping to say hello. Preschoolers are cool too, but that's my age limit of preference! However I can honestly say that  Dylan has been a blessing at every age including the teens. I don't claim that being a parent is always easy and fun, but it never ceases to be rewarding. 

Rather than going off on a long tribute to his childhood, (which I am inclined to do) I'd rather explore what he means to me today as a grown man. He is the cornerstone of my support system, my joy, family and friend. His love is unconditional; he's extraordinarily intuitive, insightful and smart. He and his junior high school sweetheart/best friend have been married for ten years and  are still going strong. In case you can't tell, I'm very proud of who he has turned out to be! He never has been too keen on school yet he managed to acquire a job that others with college degrees hold; it has to do with microfilming (or it's more modern equivalent) and city record keeping. His wife is fortunate as well; she works for the DA's office and holds a BS in Psychology; I'm proud of her too. They are working on having a family; for now I have two gorgeous "grandcats". :-)

On my last visit over the holidays I received so much support and encouragement from them regarding my recent break up of the seven year relationship. Sandra is very astute at finding resources online; she came up with a whole list of possible support groups and books. Dylan and I enjoyed a number of heart-to-heart talks; he's an excellent listener, very affectionate and a practical/logical sounding board. It was hard to leave them and CA, but I know I will move back when the timing is right. In conclusion, when I decided to bring Dylan into this world, I wanted him to grow up to be an uncommonly sensitive role model for a new breed of men to follow. That's a fairly lofty goal, but he's never disappointed me. Often I find myself humming that old song by the Mamas and Papas "California Dreaming" (on such a winter's day).


  1. I'm looking forward to getting to know you Deborah. Guido passed on your journal link. Welcome back amongst we ex- 'AOL'rs' who are now on Blogger.