Friday, January 28, 2011

Hope I never have to...

Something I hope I never have to do is  to suffer hard core physical pain as an older person. I'd just rather kick the bucket than hang on in pain! Mostly I'm thinking about if I live to be 80s or 90s...I know people who have worked with elders in assisted living and hospital settings; I've heard so many stories about the ones who suffer long term illness that it practically gave me nightmares! I have no fear of death because I know where I'll live for eternity, it's living in this world that has always provided my challenges.

On a lighter note, I hope I never have to shovel my car out of more snow than we had yesterday! It was just.16 inches, but I've decided that's my limit. As it is, I had to ask my young strong kind neighbor to help me.

Also I hope I never have to clean out the middle bedroom/storage room at Mom's house alone! There's our family's stuff gathered over  about 60 years in there!
I hope and pray to never hear the words, "Your mother has advanced Alzheimer's disease". God, I pray that you keep Mom safe and healthy and that when/if she is no longer enjoying life that you take her home quickly and peacefully. Amen.

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  1. Rev. 21:8 says: 'The cowards... and all other sorts of wicked people will be thrown into the Lake of Fire...' Point: We cannot be cowards but we ought to face what ever future God set on our plates, good or bad, and TRUST IN HIM, instead of trusting in our own 'wisdom' -- see Proverbs 3:5.
    i hope this helps you-- because I just had a nasty total knee replacement surgery 2 months ago,and the pain is really bad.